Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

What a beautiful day! A few years ago on my grandpa's birthday I saw a flock of cedar waxwings, and now today on my birthday here they are again, like Grandpa Lambert was sending his good wishes to me.

And even an ordinary sparrow can look sweet on a day like today. 

Other birthday callers include chickadees, a goldfinch, a woodpecker, robins, a female cardinal, and a bluejay calling in the distance. 


  1. Beautiful. Don't you just love to sit with the window or door cracked open and listen to their symphony? You are so lucky to have the variety.

  2. Birds ~ Their songs...Their visits....
    Bring such an joyful optimistic outlook to our lives!
    Yesterday on my walk with the dogs a puddle had formed in the middle of the trail from the melting snow. A female cardinal was taking such an "enthusiastic" bath in the middle of that trail. Several of her friends were fluttering all around waiting for their turn, joyfully chattering and singing. We stopped, not wanting to intrude or spoil the moment.... It was pure delight to see them enjoying and rejoicing around the unexpected bird bath. Nature knows to enjoy those moments and reminds us to do the same!