Saturday, April 9, 2011

Springtime Birdservations!

A briefing on what the birds have been up to in my neighborhood:

  • While on a walk we heard the chickadees with their two-note call. One bird called out and another answered, descending down the musical scale. As they continued with their individual rhythms, the notes were soon in tandem with each other to make perfect harmony.
  • The goldfinches are gaining their summer plumage back so they look more as their name describes and not the buff color they were all winter. I saw one call out from a spindly sprig at the top of a pine tree, alerting all available females to his grandeur.
  • A crow also took advantage of the highest point on the street and claimed himself to be king of the hill from atop a chimney.
  • Every time I see geese my heart melts a little. Often in pairs on grassy areas, one picks away at the ground while the other watches for danger. 
  • Two bluebird sightings in one week! It's so exciting to see rusty red and cerulean blue dart through the air.
  • There is what I believe to be an egret living in the pond by the community center. They move so carefully, even their flight appears in slow-motion.
  • Our backyard has been full of activity from the robins as they hunt worms and enjoy old berries still on the tree.
  • Also in the backyard was a large bird I didn't see long enough to figure out what it was. It was bigger than a robin, was feeding on the ground, and when he took flight there appeared to be a bright yellow coloring under his wings. This would lead me to believe it was a flicker but I'm not certain.
  • I've heard more red-winged blackbirds than I've seen.
  • And finally, I've seen many birds of prey gliding overhead. Their cries reminded me of something you'd hear in an old western movie as  the sun bakes the desert landscape.

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  1. Busy Mom on her busy watch! I can hear, see and feel those sightings along with you. Grandma Nellie, and now I seemed to have a special place in her heart for the Egrets. I wonder if I am remembering this right or projecting my love for these amazing birds to my memory or a conversation I had with her. Spring is so wonderful after the long snowy winter. These little joyful sights and sounds wake up our souls.