Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Owl Story, from Illinois

Almost a year ago, my uncle in Illinois told us about an owl who liked to hang out in a tree by his front porch and poop bones and fur onto the sidewalk. He recently sent us another owl story just as fascinating. Take it away, Todd!
"Walked out my back door around noon and heard thumping coming from one of the black garbage containers I have outside. Figured a squirrel had somehow figured a way in despite them being closed. Flipped the lid on the first on, peered in = nothing. Flipped the second one open and again, nothing. Then I hear noise from the brown waste container (it has no lid). Peered in and there was... AN OWL for cryin' out loud! Not sure why it was in there. Nothing in there to eat. Maybe hiding from crows or other birds. Anyway, I laid the container down and was able to get quite close (almost to petting range). But that beak and those talons keps me cautious. He left after awhile but seemed to show no fear."

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  1. Todd ~ what an amazing find! Thanks for sharing this and the pictures! He looks either stunned or very relaxed. Just what do you keep in that brown waste container. Old Fermented grapes fumes perhaps? Beautiful! God's creations so inspiring. Be careful next time you "take out the trash"