Monday, October 25, 2010

Winter is coming, just ask the birds

I haven't posted much lately and that's not for lack of bird activity.

Birds are migrating, with some leaving us for warmer southern temps, and some joining us from their northern summer homes, like juncos. The geese have been practicing their Vs. It's funny watching some of those younger geese try to figure out where they are supposed to fall into line. By now those formations are getting tighter and coming together quicker than a few weeks ago. Some might have left already but there are still flocks who haven't yet.

I noticed a few weeks ago that the goldfinches have already donned their "winter coats." From the back they still have their signature finch design with the wings creating a stripey V, and no longer bright yellow but more of a dull taupe.

Everyone is taking advantage of the bountiful natural seed harvest, trying to gain their winter fat stores. We have a few sparrows who have fattened up considerably since the last of their offspring left the nest. My feeders have been empty for the past few months because I know there is plenty of food for them to find in the seeding flowers and weeds, like my sunflowers and the neighbor's coneflowers, both favorites of the goldfinch.

The birds know it won't be long now before the weather changes!

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