Sunday, August 29, 2010


On a walk through a wooded area of our neighborhood where the blue jays make their homes, I found one of their feathers on the ground. The child-like urge to pick up this treasure lead me to bring it home where it now adorns the kitchen window. I was amazed to feel the air resist against the feather as I swung my arms; it's no wonder birds can soar so easily.

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  1. Thanks for your Birdservations, Emily! You inspired me to figure out how to capture photos throughout my day too. I think it is so interesting how your observation about a bird leads you to think such fresh thoughts. After reading this one, I can just imagine someone collecting bird feathers and creating a Bird Suit in an attempt to fly!

    I always thought it was interesting how bird feathers resist water ... since it's in your kitchen window, you might experiment a bit and let us know!
    Thanks again ... Linda, Aunt Once Removed ;-)