Friday, June 4, 2010

Coyote vs. Bunny

Normally this time of year the bunnies have the run of the neighborhood, nibbling on scraps that fall from the feeders, eating all my flowers, and making many, many babies. But so far this spring I've seen very few.

Maybe the recession has hit the bunny population, so instead of eating out under the feeder every night, they only treat themselves to a gourmet seed meal once a month. Okay, probably not.

We also think that the dog keeps them away. Silly theories have developed out of that idea like the one where Dallas didn't actually eat that bunny back in January, she just deposited its parts all over the yard as a warning to others to not step foot near our third acre lest they meet the same fate as their little friend.

Today I saw what I suspected is the real reason behind declining bunny numbers: the coyote. I've seen and heard them before in our area, but not for a couple years. Stay as long as you'd like, Mr. Coyote. I don't want my sunflowers to become bunny salad, and I prefer that only birds dine at the feeders.

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